the gang

Gangstir is a culinary and restaurant consulting company, led by the creativity and passion of its founder Chef Matthew Fisher Redington. He and his core group of industry talents and trendsetters, employ a unique, three-tiered consulting approach that establishes a new industry standard.

As a state-of-the-art restaurant workshop, Gangstir thoroughly develops the plans, recipes and benchmarks to ensure the success of your restaurant or culinary production. Our detailed development of concepts ensures that your vision is realized, completed and delivered. And we provide the on-site training and management team with the skills and experience to turn a plan into an efficient operation.

In a competitive food service industry, a restaurant or culinary institution needs to; keep operating costs down; minimize employee turnover, and maximize customer retention. With experience ranging from Michelin Guide 3-star restaurants, galleries and

gastro-pubs, to informal bistros and cafes, all Gangstir projects are executed passionately and true to concept, completely in-line with financial projections and budgets.

Whether you are opening with a high-profile set of owners and investors, contemplating a complete turnaround of your restaurant’s focus, considering a subtle redirection of an existing concept or finding a better location to expand or improve your business, Gangstir is a one stop solution. Whatever your concept may be, Gangstir puts deep knowledge and hands-on expertise at your disposal. We’ll give you real time and lasting results.